Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coordinated Colours - Choosing lipstick

I am getting excited about the Spring Fashion Workshop that I will part of this weekend.  Fanantique will be working with Candice DeVille, (aka Super Kawaii Mama) Australia's première vintage stylist and pinup model and milliner Peter Jago to present a three hour session demonstrating techniques for creating a glamorous, vintage inspired Spring look.
To make it even more fun, I have just received the entire collection of Besame Cosmetics to play with.
The Besame range combined with some of the gorgeous  hats I have in store, will go towards creating some very glamorous ladies indeed!
When it comes to creating a 'look' I really believe that the right lipstick plays a key part. During my years working at retail fashion boutiques, I would constantly see women trying on clothing and complaining that certain items 'washed them out' . 99% of the time these women would be wearing little or no lipstick. Each of the images show beautiful women in stunning hats, but I think in each instance the lipstick really pulls all the elements together and gives each look that 'wow' factor.

I adore this look (I am really liking orange tones at the moment. I really like the simplicity and playfulness of the hat. The orange band on the hat is complimented perfectly by the matching lip color. The hint of a matching bag completes the outfit! To create this look, Besame have two gorgeous lipsticks in this shade. 'Carmine' is quite a bold orange-red that is a fabulous Spring/Summer shade. 'Coral' is also in this color family but is a softer copper orange with a hint of gold, another beautiful warm tone.

In this image below, the stylist has cleverly matched the lipstick to the floral print of the headscarf. When something is being worn this close to the face, a good match is crucial because even a slight shade off will make a big difference to the look. If you can't match the colour a complete contrast can work well too. If contrasting though, the colour should be the same strength. (Besame 'Dusty Rose will help you create this gorgeous look)

The image below is a good example of contrasting colour. The depth of colour in the gorgeous blue hat is equaled by the depth of the berry lip colour. (Try Besame Cherry Red)

This outfit below is an unusual mix but still works. Although a strange pairing of colours in the hat and blouse, the soft patchwork texture of the pieces is what they have in common so they work. The soft green beads also repeat the colour of the soft green leaf of the flower on the hat. The deep red lip colour pulls the darkest colour from the blouse and finishes off the look. Try Besame red velvet.

When wearing black (or black and white) it's hard to go past a classic true red lip. Try Besame red .

To have a closer look at (or purchase) any of the lipsticks mentioned, please click here

If you would like to come to our fabulous workshop, please visit

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