Thursday, September 15, 2011

French Flowers

Last week we held our Spring Fashion workshop which was co-hosted by the lovely Ms Candice DeVille and milliner extraordinaire, Peter Jago. We were joined by a lovely group of ladies and everyone left looking very glamorous indeed, newly armed with some new tips and techniques to try.
just some of the lovely ladies that attended our event

However, the lead up to the event was not as smooth as I would have liked, with my order of hats not arriving in time. As you know Spring time in Melbourne is all about hats, so this was a cause of great anxiety for me. Never the less, the show had to go on. Luckily, I am a hoarder by nature and have long been hanging onto a collection of fabulous vintage millinery supplies, so I pulled some out of my collection to use for the day. Peter did an 'on the spot' demonstration and created this gorgeous headpiece in minutes using a combination of vintage velvet leaves from my collection and gorgeous fresh roses.

Looking at how gorgeous this is, it has inspired me to go through my collection, sort it out and share it.
I have decided it is a shame to have these things sitting in boxes when the could be made into something gorgeous like this!
I do have my work cut out for me though!

A pile of flowers that need sorting!
Some gorgeous wire edged French ribbon, just wait until you see the rest of the collection!

Now because it is Friday it would be unlike me not to list a cocktail, but today for a change I am drinking a glass of Rose´ . It is often an underrated drink of choice but on a nice sunny day like today, when Spring is really in the air and the sun is shining I think it is the perfect choice (besides I love the colour!) so cheers!

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