Friday, August 26, 2011

Chambord- The return of Champagne Friday

The theme of today's post is Chambord. The lovely black raspberry flavoured French liquer.
There are lots of reasons I adore Chambord. Here are some of them:

 It comes in a really beautiful bottle.

It originated from a really beautiful place.
The Chambord Castle in France.
It makes great sangria and it makes really delicious cupcakes, 
(I made some last week for my gorgeous friend, Pie.) I found a great recipe here.
(The recipe calls for Creme De Cassis but I used Chambord instead and it was delightful)

It makes lots of other delicious things like these sophisticated jello shots

and these yummy French Martinis,
But best of all, it turns an ordinary Champagne into something spectactular!
Add a splash of Chambord to your glass of bubbly and enjoy!
Happy Champagne Friday! xxx


  1. Wow - I love Chambord too but have just been enjoying it with Champagne or in Cocktail form...I shall have to try some of these other fabulous ideas like cupcakes yummo!

  2. The cupcakes are fantastic, a cocktail in cake form. I think a Chambord themed desert table would be stunning!

  3. Definitely! I'm actually having a vintage-styling party soon so maybe the ladies will enjoy some chambord 'treats'...hopefully they can still attempt make-up and hair after! Haha!

    Thanks again for the great ideas.


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