Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Garden Party

As you may have seen in previous posts, I have recently become engaged. Due to that fact that the wedding is still a fair way off and that it well be held far away in Hungary, my parents decided that it would be nice to have an engagement party. This way they could invite family that would not be able to make it to the wedding. We wanted to keep it very casual so decided to hold it in my parent's backyard. (This was a nerve racking decision considering the weather in Melbourne!). We were very lucky that the day turned out to be lovely!  In line with the informal feel that I wanted to create, I chose a theme of bright, 'happy' colors and polka dots.
I tracked down some cute polka dotted paper lanterns and strung them in the trees and onto our sun umbrellas. (Paper lanterns from pinkfrosting.com)

I was thrilled to find this fun croquet set- it not only looked cute but gave our guests some fun!
(surprisingly, I found this set at Rebel sports for under $50!)
 Patsy the dog, sports a pink polka-dot bow for the occasion!

A little cheesy, but my Mum planted this love heart with our initials (E and G) in the lead up to the party.

Flowers were arranged in vintage teapots, we then placed the teapots around on various tables.
We decorated inside the house too, in case the weather took an unexpected turn!

I wanted to include something Hungarian as a nod to my fiance's (Gabor) heritage. I bought bottles of this delicious Hungarian liqueur. The yummy flavours include, sour cherry, walnut and pear and honey.


  1. Looks lovely, some great little touches. So glad you had a good day for it. As you say, you just never know with Melbourne weather. Love your Mum's little bit of cheese, that's what mum's do best. :)

  2. Thanks Rusty! I am so lucky that my parents live in a beautiful area, I know you love this part of the world too!


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