Sunday, March 20, 2011

Autumn Equinox

Above, Artwork by Alphonse Mucha 
Last night I had the pleasure of celebrating the Autumn Equinox at an Autumn themed dinner party hosted by a very dear friend. We were treated to a banquet of seasonal delights, my favorite being a delicious apricot and pistachio canape....yum. Anyway, it got me thinking about Autumn decorating. I feel this is a little challenging for us in the Southern Hemisphere because we miss out on having Halloween during this season and can not incorporate this theme now as it would not make sense. Of course we celebrate Easter in Autumn and that presents another challenge as Easter is all about Spring.
(don't even get me started on Christmas!)
I think drawing inspiration from seasonal produce always works well..a pumpkin sans jack o lantern face can say 'Autumn' without it having to look 'halloweenish'. I love this idea below.

This fabulous idea for an Autumn theme centerpiece was found at It is a stunning yet simple display to set the mood. Another way to set the mood is with a beautiful fragrance......

Above: Created by Emma Leah of Fleurage, 'Mabon' is the perfect fragrance for Autumn. Described by Emma as :
" An Autumnal Chord of woods, earth and spices. Inspired by the Autumnal harvest when the earth begins to rest as we gather the rewards of a fruitful spring and summer".
This 'Fall' image from Alphonse Mucha's Seasons series is a gorgeous tapestry cushion that we have in the boutique at the moment. I love the rich, warm  earthy tones.

I am currently working on an Autumn themed Easter (last year I did an Alice in Wonderland themed Easter ) and am going to incorporate Mushrooms and toadstools with my rabbits and coming soon!

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