Monday, July 5, 2010

Craft Corner at Fanantique

Cut and Paste
With Bastille Day coming up next week, I have been planning a little French event at the boutique. I have been brainstorming about what to serve at the event (Champagne is of course a given) but I thought it would be fun to have some sweets and cakes with little French flags on top.
I was lucky enough to pick up some traditional red, white and blue flags at the party shop down the road, but I got to thinking that surely I could be more creative.
We have in the store at the moment a gorgeous set of Parisian style rubber stamps from Zetta Florence that I have been dying to play with so I thought this could be the perfect excuse. We also have some fantastic decorative wrapping paper (also from Zetta Florence) that had me inspired. I decided to try making my own 'cup cake flags'. I picked up some toothpicks and craft glue and got to work with my trusty cutting board and scalpel.
Zetta Florence Decorative Wrap
 Above: Zetta Florence Parisian Style Stamps

I set myself up in front of the TV one night as Gabor watched the World Cup (and I pretended to) and got to work. Apart from a few interruptions from Gomez, who thought it was great fun to jump on top of what I was doing (cat paws and ink pads are not a good combination) and a headache from those silly South African horn thingies at the soccer the whole thing was quite successful if I do say so myself.
Parisian Style Cup Cake Flags

My success with this project and the fun of using the stamps inspired me to create more.

Parisian Style gift tags

Small gift cards

Greeting Cards


  1. Oh how gorgeous and totally brilliant! Viva la France!

  2. They look fantastic. I've seen those stamps before and umed and ahed about buying them, I may have to go back and grab some. And can I say cupcakes with cute Parisienne inspired flag is genius :) Good luck with the Bastille Day celebrations.

    Having problems with blogger comments but just wanted to say thanks for the Tim Burton link, gave me a good giggle. The exhibit is fantastic, leave loads of time. They told us 1hr but we were there 1 1/2 and it wasn't enough. So much to see. They've got one of his early 6 min shorts 'Vincent', which is narrated by Vincent Price, on loop love it. Mind you a lot of people were asking who is Vincent Price which is kinda sad LOL


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