Thursday, July 22, 2010

Champagne Friday - Bastille Day - Part Two

Happy Champagne Friday!
As you know, last week we celebrated Bastille Day and we had a visit from the talented Natasha Burns. You may have already seem some of the gorgeous photos she took over at her blog Today I am sharing a few more that she took around the store as we shared a Champagne or two together, but first here's a delicious Champagne cocktail-

Pillow Talk
Champagne Flute

2 Strawberries
5ml apple juice
15 ml apple liquer
10 ml bourbon vanilla
splash Champagne
extra strawberries to garnish

Muddle strawberries in shaker. Add all remaining ingredients except for Champagne and garnish and shake with ice. Double-strain into flute. Top up with Champagne and garnish with a strawberry. mmm yum!
 One my favorite items in the store, the gramophone really creates a swanky, vintage feel.

Gorgeous, close up detail of our smoke glass chandelier

My Pinboard- allows me a chance to be creative. Here it is decorated with French themed cards and paper for Bastille Day (featuring Zetta Florence wrapping paper)

Chocolate and  rose cupcakes..yum 
Our Marie Antoinette inspired cup cakes

These hand carved pinocchio dolls have been a favorite with little kids and big kids!
Below are some more lovely photos from Natasha....all around the shop.


  1. that marie antoinette inspired very marie antoinette!:)
    where do you get/take your gorgeous pics???i love em all

  2. i had fun visiting you! so glad you liked the photos ;)
    the marie cupcake (and all the cupcakes) were delicious!!! thank you!! xoxo

  3. Hi Asteria, thanks for your lovely comments, this week the pictures were taken by Natasha Burns who popped into our little Boutique on Bay st Brighton, next time you are down in Melbourne, pop in, there will be a cold Champagne waiting.


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