Thursday, July 1, 2010

Champagne Friday- Vintage Weddings Part 2

The blushing bride, Lizzie looking stunning. I really love the vintage style diamond hair piece.

Vintage Weddings Part 2- Lizzie and Wesley
When my talented, fashion designer friend, Lizzie announced that she was getting married, I knew that we would be in for a stylish event. Lizzie and her Groom, Wes chose to have a 1920's themed wedding. Once again, the guests enjoyed getting into the theme and dressing for the occasion. The reception was great fun, held at Comme in Melbourne. Pie Gordon, the floral stylist did a spectacular job on all of the flowers, including the magnificent bridal bouquet. (She had a particular challenge as the wedding was held in December which can be quite warm here in Melbourne!)
The live swing band also added to the vintage mood of the event and made the perfect compliment to the evening.

Below: The bride and groom swing, the gorgeous flowers and back detail of Lizzie's Wedding dress
Above, some of the gorgeous flowers created by the talented Pie Gordon.

Below: Flapper girls and gangsters, we guests enjoy the theme!

Vintage wedding ideas from the Fanantique boutique. 
If you or someone you know is thinking of having a Vintage style wedding, there are plenty of ideas at the boutique. Taking inspiration from Lizzie's gorgeous hair piece here are a few pieces that we have in store.

For something really special, The Fleurage range would be perfect. The styling of the packaging and stunning glass bottles are all reflective of the Art Deco period. Anything from the range would add a touch of old world glamor to a vintage themed wedding. Pictured below are images from Fleurage's signature scents, 'Consort' and 'Chaperone'. Special his and her fragrances make a divine gift for a bride and groom.

In addition to their signature fragrances, Fleurage also offer a 'gifting' service for events. 

Champagne Friday Cocktail
In honor of the featured bride, Lizzie, today's cocktail is the "Thin Lizzie". It also happens to contain my favorite ingredient, Champagne.

Thin Lizzie
Champagne Flute

15ml Cream de fraise
15ml tequila
splash of Champagne
Strawberry to garnish

Pour cream de fraise and tequila into glass, add Champagne and Strawberry to garnish.

recipe taken from 'Cocktails and Rock Tales' Jane Rocca, Hardie Grant Books.

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