Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vintage Poster Wedding Invitations

Before I get started on this post, I apologize once again for the lack of attention to this blog! If you've been following along you know things have been rather hectic to say the least! Just to catch you up to speed, this is where we are at now......
The Fanantique closed indefinitely as we work with our lawyer to sort out the disaster we had with the building and the landlord. We are hopeful that a resolution is on the horizon sometime in the not too distant future...I'll let you know. (In the meantime I'm becoming an expert on commercial lease law) continuing to recover really well from his accident, he's back at work and his overall recovery has been nothing short of a miracle (Thank-you for all of your well wishes)
The Wedding...has come and gone, we had a fabulous time in Hungary and doing some travel around Europe..we were also lucky enough to celebrate all over again with another wedding in Melbourne.
There will be plenty of pictures and posts to come re: wedding as I try and catch up!

So when it comes to the wedding, I've told you all about my special wedding fragrance in the last post, today I'll tell you a little about the invitation.
When I started looking around at all things wedding, spending hours and hours on Martha Stewart, pinterest and various blogs I discovered this gorgeous vintage style wedding poster.
(found on pinterest, originally pinned from 'Ruffled' see more here)

Isn't it stunning?! Of course my mind kicked into overdrive and I started to think about creating my own version. I loved the idea of including the venue and the date into the piece and I course I just adore the vintage style!   Given all the drama happening around me at the time, I knew I wouldn't have as much time as I would have liked to spend on this, so I thought about how I could take some short cuts....with a little help from photoshop of course!
Obviously, I wanted to convey the fact that the wedding was taking place in Hungary. I set about looking for Hungarian themed vintage posters. Given the sad history of was slim pickings for something that had the right feel.
One of my favourite prints is the one below, a travel ad for Budapest...but I was a little stumped on how to turn this into a wedding poster.
It certainly is gorgeous, I love the colours and the mood created by the lights dancing on the Danube.
(In the end I decided not to touch it but to incorporate it as a postcard inside my wedding invitation 'pack' that I was creating. Given that I was planning a destination wedding, I needed to provide my guests with a heap of information, such as travel details, useful phrases, language help etc. I made a series of postcards for this and this poster was reproduced as one of them)

Anyway, back to the task at hand..... I came across this old advertising print for a Hungarian Champagne. Perfect!! On so many levels! I love it. get to work.
Isn't it beautiful? Gabor tells me it is quite an iconic piece, well recognized by most Hungarians which I was happy to hear.
Ok, so as I explained, I know the right thing to do would be to create my own original piece from scratch...but who else puts together a wedding while their roof is literally falling in and spending time between doctors and lawyers? I gave myself permission to cheat.

So, I set to work....the first thing to do was remove the third person, this was to be a romantic wedding poster and three is a crowd.
Gone! I also changed the ladie's dress to white, to make it more 'weddingy' and made her a red head so she looked more like me. The next step was to change and add the text. I decided to replace the word 'Torley' (The Champagne brand) to the word 'Wedding'. In keeping with the style of the piece I used the Hungarian word for wedding. I also added the place name - Kunszentmiklos and our names and date. If you look closely below, you will see I also changed the label on the bottle.

What do you think? I'm pretty happy with it. I ended up using it as part of my invitation suite but will also be framing it up as a poster size. It will look just perfect next to my Grace Kelly L'Instant Tattinger print!

The finished product

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