Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Perfect Wedding Fragrance

My Perfect Wedding Fragrance 


Here I am sampling perfume drafts at Fleurage with perfumer, Emma Leah.
photo by Rodger Cummins at the Age Newspaper
After some very drama filled and draining long months in the lead up to our wedding, it was simply wonderful to get on a flight to Budapest, get away from it all and just enjoy our big event without distraction.
Gabor and I have now been back in Melbourne for a week and are settling back into our normal life ...finally.
There have been some big changes and I have just started a new job (and already met some amazing people!) which I look forward to telling you more about in the weeks to come!
Despite all the hurdles along the way (read about all that here and here ) I still tried to take time out to plan my wedding day, in particular the small personal details that I know will be especially dear to me in the years to come.

I was very lucky to have had my entire wedding ensemble created by family and friends dear to me.
With the help of my Aunt, my dress came to life through my sketches and her amazing design and dressmaking skills (pictures to come soon) .

Apart from the dress, one very special element of what I wore on the day was my fragrance. I knew that whatever fragrance I chose, I would always remember it as my 'wedding fragrance' and it will always be very sentimental to me.

I was extremely lucky to have had the incredible experience of having the very talented Emma Leah of Fleurage custom make a very unique a personalized perfume just for the occasion. I can't speak highly enough of how wonderful the whole experience was, from the initial starting point to being able to actually wear the fragrance on the day. It was such a thrill to wear a scent that so perfectly captured everything I am and wanted to be on the day.

Of course, having the finished product (which was exquisitely presented in a full size bottle, a travel size presented in a bridal package and refill collection.) was fantastic but I also thoroughly enjoyed the process, getting to sample and discover new scents and be educated by a professional perfumer was a real treat!

The Age featured a great article recently, entitled 'Bespoke Melbourne' and you can read more about my experience at Fleurage perfumery there.

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