Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Cards & Wrap

It's that time of year again! Time to prepare for Christmas. For the past few weeks we have been busily unpacking Christmas decorations at Fanantique and preparing for the busy weeks ahead. I always love the Festive Season and enjoy coming up with a different theme each Christmas.
Before I opened the store, I would always illustrate a new collection of Christmas cards each year, which would then tie in to the style and color of my gift wrapping and decorating. Sometimes I would even make my own hand painted wrapping paper!
As we are already into November, I am not so sure that this will happen this year!
I do have some gorgeous, vintage style cards and wraps from Zetta Florence as well as a collection of reprints from some of my previous collections.

Above: Vintage style Christmas postcards and wrap from Zetta Florence, available at Fanantique.
Below: Some illustrated cards from my collection. "Christmas Shopping" and "Holly Martini"  themes are both watercolor and ink. The black and gold images are created with collage. (Wrapping paper, photographs, colored paper and glitter).

Christmas Cocktail
To get into the Christmas spirit why not celebrate with this Nutty Martini?

Martini Glass

Ice Cubes
Amaretto to wash
60ml Vodka
20ml walnut liqueur
10ml frangelico liqueur
walnut half to garnish
Wash ice cubes with amaretto. Stir remaining ingredients in with ice then strain into Martini glass. Garnish with walnut half. Yum!


  1. Love the cards and gift wrap and totally impressed that you did the whole handmade thing for Christmas. There's something special about knowing that your present has a little bit of giver imparted in it. Just read the previous post and that cake is gorgeous, even has little bit of that Miss Haversham aged glamour.

  2. Thanks Rusty! Yeah, I used to try and do it every year...but I seem to be getting a little lazier in my old age! Yes that cake looks amazing, and it sounded delicious was some sort of chocolate and caramel. mmmmm


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