Sunday, September 30, 2012

Car Love

One thing that may surprise you about me is that I can get rather excited about cars ( Not that the car I have now is anything special , but rather just a very practical model)
I have to admit my interest is purely design related and my knowledge of cars is limited to the way they look- although I can check the oil and water! You could mention pretty much any car make or model to me and I would at least know what it looks like and perhaps a little bit about the manufacturer's history. (For example did you know that the BMW logo is adapted from a picture of an airplane's propeller in motion- the white being the propeller and the blue being the sky behind it?)

One of the reasons that I may know a little more about cars than the average woman is the fact that my little brother and his best friend are both automotive designers and from an early age would spend all of their time in my parent's shed building cars.
From the backyard shed they went onto a pretty major project here in Melbourne, being part of the design team that built General Motor's Holden Efijy. (I've included a few pictures so I can brag about my talented brother!)
 Above: The team with the finished car- gorgeous!!
 A work in progress- model making

 My brother, posing with the car under construction
 The finished product- On the road

 So, as someone who has quite an affection for cars, I was very excited to be invited to take part in a project that Honda are running. For two weeks I get to test drive one of the new Honda Hybrids, I even got to choose what model. Of course I chose the sports car! A Honda CR-Z Sports.
I am picking it up tomorrow and can not wait. I already have a few adventures planned. There are quite a few places out of town that I have been wanting to visit and review, so will take the opportunity  to test out the car and review a few beautiful places. It will be interesting to drive a hybrid, to see how it feels in terms of power and to see if it is much more economical to run. I look forward to letting you know! Oh, another thing, Honda have given me a prize to give out over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

Below, my new toy for a couple of weeks.

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  1. For a car aficionado, that's definitely a remarkable experience. You don't get to test drive a stunning hybrid sports car every day, right? So, how do you find the CR-Z? I'd love to read about your verdict! :D


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