Monday, November 7, 2011

My very own Transylvanian Frankenstein's monster- A personal note

I can't even remember the last time I blogged, it seems like a million years ago! Since then things have changed dramatically.
Just over a month ago (Grand Final day actually) I had a dreaded late night phone call. Late night phone calls are rarely good. "There has been an accident" said my dear friend Heather on the other end of the phone.
It turns out,  my darling Gabor , who had been away on a rock climbing weekend took a terrible fall, 15-20 meters I am told! He was rescued from the mountain and flown to hospital in a critical condition and commenced a week long stay in the intensive care unit, which was the worst week imaginable. I felt like I couldn't breath the whole time.
Eventually his condition improved to 'stable'. He now had to face several difficult surgeries, which again led to an unimaginable level of anxiety. His injuries were listed as follows: A broken neck, a broken back, a punctured lung, a broken collar bone, a fractured collar bone, broken ribs, broken and dislocated arm, a gash to the head, swelling of the brain and a gash to the knee!!
We were incredibly lucky that his spine at this point was ok, but the broken bones in his neck and back were unstable meaning that with a slight move he could end up damaging it and becoming paralyzed.
It was a few more long weeks until Gabor had all the surgery needed to stabilize his spine. Eventually he did have the operations and we were very lucky that things all went very well. However as a result, Gabor is now trapped inside a hideous 'halo' brace which is actually a metal contraption that is drilled into his skull to keep his neck straight. Other than being very uncomfortable, it is horrid to look at.

With Gabor's height (he is very tall) and new gaunt frame (he has lost so much weight through all of this) His stiffness, his think Transylvanian accent, the bolts in his neck and the stitches in his head, he really could be mistaken for this guy:
In time, Gabor is expected to make a full recovery which is just amazing really! In fact it was really incredible that he even survived at all. One of the doctors told me that 50% of people will not even survive a 6m fall! Luckily Gabor had a helmet on which saved his life.
If you are in Melbourne you may of even seen Gabor's accident on the news.  He did make it into the Hungarian news ('Hungarian climber has accident in Australia')
Since this has happened, I have had such amazing support and kind words and thought from everyone, so thank-you so much, if it wasn't for that I don't think we could have pulled through so well!

So to sum up, I am sorry about my lack of blog entries, I missed Halloween and the whole of the Spring Racing Season, but hope to get back on track for Christmas. I plan to blog soon about all the delightful Christmas things I have found this year!!

Now it really is time for drink!


  1. Oh Elizabeth I didn't know. I'm so sorry to hear about Gabor's accident, but glad that he is at least on the mend. I can't even begin to imagine the stress you've been under with it all. Sending you both lots of good wishes for a smooth and as quick as possible recovery (though having worked in rehab, I know it can be a tediously slow process at times). Hugs xxxx

  2. Thanks Rusty! Unfortunately, I think you and your family probably do know what kind of stress we have been under, you already appreciate how much you miss your health when it's threatened!!
    Gabor is doing incredibly well and we are soooo lucky. Thanks for your kind wishes xxxx
    Ps. People that work in rehab are amazing!!


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