Monday, July 4, 2011

Style Icon-The Duchess of Windsor

Lately I have been looking around at fashion of the nineteen-thirties, in particular bridal fashion of this era. (As inspiration for my own wedding) One of the most famous (and controversial) brides of this era was Wallis Simpson who Prince Edward (The Duke of Windsor) famously gave up the throne for. There certainly are many varied accounts of the Duchess' life, some more scandalous than others (at the moment I am reading a rather raunchy story of her life entitled "Dancing with the Devil") I have also heard that there is currently a movie being made about her, which is being directed by Madonna. I will be looking forward to that, if just to see the costumes!

A gorgeous diamond panther by Cartier, a gift to the Duchess from her husband.

The Duke and Duchess on their wedding day.

Madonna on the set of the new "Wallis Simpson" movie.

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