Thursday, June 16, 2011


For the last few weeks I have gone 'Missing in Action' from this blog. Where have I been?
On Pinterest, that's where! I discovered it some time ago and would only use it on a recreational basis, but over the last few weeks it has developed into a full blown addiction. Because I am in the midst of wedding planning, I can justify the hours I spend on it, but with my neglect of this blog as evidence, I can see I might have a problem.
If you haven't checked out 'pinterest' yet , here's a taste.....
There are gorgeous fashion images,
inspirational places,

Holiday places,
And then there's the cakes.......yum

There are inspiring quotes,
Stunning hair and make-up ideas,
and there are mermaids,
There are cute puppies and of course........
there is Champagne!
Lots of Champagne.
I love this place. 
(you can visit it too, click here)
Happy Champagne Friday!

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