Monday, February 28, 2011

Vintage Style at the Oscars

I always love to watch the Oscars to look at the fabulous and sometimes, not so fabulous dresses. This year I think overall there were more people that got it right than really wrong. Most of the looks  captured old  Hollywood glamor and thankfully it seemed like it wasn't just all about flaunting clevage!
But also, from what I have seen, it seems many of the looks were quite conservative and there was not one ensemble in particular that was a real stand out.

As co-host, Anne Hathaway had several wardrobe changes. I thought this Vintage red Valentino looked stunning on her. Pictured here with Valentino himself.

Of course I love the look of this 1950's inspired dress by Marchesa, worn by Hailee Steinfeld. Many fashion commentators suggested that this 'ballerina' style was inspired by 'Black Swan' and the whole ballerina theme. (There were on awful lot of feathers on the red carpet this year)
 Marisa Tomei also dressed in vintage couture, this gown by Charles James from Lily et Cie Couture.
(I love the ink colour)
 'Our Nicole' dressed in Dior Haute Couture (what could be more classic than that?)  Not many critics seemed to like this dress, but I quite like it. (I must admit I wasn't a fan of the hair, she had a pony tail at the back!)

I do always love to check out what Helena Bonham Carter wears because she is usually the most interesting and has a particular fondness for Vivienne Westwood. This year, I thought she was quite conservative too, opting for an elegant black velvet piece by Colleen Atwood. Shown below with partner Tim Burton- great to see his Film 'Alice in Wonderland', get an award for best costume!
Not to be disappointed, I did see some Westwood on the red carpet. Worn by Helen Mirren, who I think did a fabulous job presenting with Russel Brand!
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