Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Over the last few days, I have been busily sending out my new greeting card catalogue. This is a small sideline that I do as a hobby, but thanks to some encouragement from a helpful friend of mine, I have finally got my act together and produced a proper range! Here are a few samples of the current collection, it has an obvious vintage inspiration of course.
Within the collection there are a few small ranges/themes, there is a soft watercolor collection featuring subtle hues and overlapping semi abstract shapes, subject matters such as bathing boxes, cupcakes, balloons and my favourite: cocktails.

There is also my signature or couture collection that features fashion illustration. Usually these images are created with a combination of watercolor paint and ink. 99% of the time I work freehand, but sometimes will finish off the image in photoshop by adding a block of color of pattern, as is done in the images below.

Another medium that I love to work in is collage (Although it is very messy- I usually end up with tiny bits of torn paper everywhere) Sometimes a piece is constructed purely by using collage, other times I will combine illustration with collage. The first image below is created with torn paper and then detail has been added with prismacolor (coloured pencil).

The image above was originally created for a friends wedding. This is created by a variety of wrapping papers, photographic images and coloured paper. I will be posting more, but in the meantime, you can download the entire catalogue at my 'lizzie lamb' website (just look under the 'greeting card' heading)


  1. I do have a soft spot for your signature line but must say I really like your collage ones, particularly the last one. Good luck with the range. :)

  2. What a lovely range of cards - so unique!

  3. Thanks so much Rusty, yes the collage is fun to do but I always end up with bits of torn paper all over the house!
    Thanks also, Julia- you have a beautiful blog by the way!


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