Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Green Fairy

Wow, it has been so busy lately that I totally missed Champagne Friday...not like me at all!
With Spring almost upon us , that means Fashion Week in Melbourne the social calender has been activated.. (after months of hibernating at home).
One of the events I have coming up is a party with a 'Paris Bohemia' theme and I am still wondering "what to wear!?!"  Of course there are many different ways that this theme could be explored. The first and most obvious thing that springs to mind are images from Baz Lurhman's Moulin Rouge and artists that were around at the time such as Toules Letrec and later Tamra De Limpicka, and even later one of my favourites, Frida Kahlo mixed with the Bohemian set in Paris.  Of course the Beatnik poetic is another type of bohemian character too and I could always get away with throwing on a beret and stripey top. I have plenty of outfits and props I could use after going to a few 1920's events too, if I add a feather boa and a long cigarette holder.....but me being me I though of cocktails and drinking..of course. I had the idea as going as 'The green fairy" AKA absinthe.
Absinthe is of course the drink of choice for the Bohemian set and notorious for it's hallucinogenic effects....even rumored to have caused an "epidemic of psychosis" in France around the late 1800's.
I loved Kylie as the green fairy in Moulin Rouge

So, I begin my hunt for a green fairy costume. A simple search on google and you fast learn that nearly every woman's costume you find has the word 'sexy' in front of it...'Sexy Green Fairy'....'Sexy Woodland Elf"...'Sexy Tinkerbell' or 'Sexy woodland Nymph'.....these outfits should really be called the "'Slutty Stripper  with Green Wings " costume....not really what I had in mind!
A little more persistance and my searching pays off. I found a lovely image to use for a point of inspiration...this is the kind of green fairy I had in mind. (of course putting this outfit together will take some time sewing and hot glue gunning so don't be surprized to see me post photos of myself in that stripey top)

This beautiful image is from deviantart.com by matusciac

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