Thursday, August 12, 2010

Champagne Friday- Black and White Stripes

My love of Black and White Stripes

If you live in Melbourne, like me, you will know what September means. It means that most of the population goes mad for Football. Usually our evening news and daily newspaper has a football content of 50% anyway, but as we near September this percentage seems to creep up and up, until on that 'One Day is September' it is all we hear about. So far, this year the football talk has been a little clouded by all of the election hype but shortly this will be over and '' Finals Fever" will take hold of our fair city once again.
I am afraid to say it, and at the risk of alienating some of you, I can't help but be drawn into the excitement, especially because this could be my year!!! Now that we are mid-August that special time of year is approaching. (I am off to the game tonight). Love it or hate it football, is good for Melbourne, bringing people from all over the country here.  Gabor recently attended his first AFL game and as a soccer fan, he couldn't believe how polite it was. He was amazed that supporters from opposing teams could actually sit together. (Soccer fans need a barricade to separate them).
So really when you think about it like that, our football is really quite civilized.
Besides, if you can't beat footy fever, why not join it?
Fanantique is now offering a 15% discount on any football related framing until the end of October.

In a completely unrelated matter, this week I am looking at the beauty of black and white stripes, both in fashion and in decorating. It is such a classic style that seems to stay strong season after season. When used in interior decorating, it certainly adds a Parisian flavour. In the room below, the black and white stripe sofa works beautifully with the hot pink chairs and bright blue wall.

Below: Three Major Style icons go black and white striped: Carrie Bradshaw, Chanel and Vintage Barbie!!


of course it wouldn't be Champagne Friday without a cocktail, so today it's the black and white martini. Its super easy.

Black and White Martini

3 oz Stolichnaya vodka Vanilla 
1 oz Dark creme de cacao

pour into a cocktail glass and serve.


  1. go the 'Pies! LOL there is much building excitement in Rob's family too.
    have fun at the game. E

  2. haha thanks, sometimes my inner bogan makes it to the outside! (as much as I try and hide it)


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