Thursday, June 17, 2010

Purple Haze

Happy Champagne Friday! Let's celebrate with a Purple Haze.

Selected items from the Fanantique boutique:  Vintage purple wool coat with mink collar, Comer & King purple regency chair, Vintage Vogue print, Organza flower brooch and purple wool felt hat.

With now less than one week to go until the highly anticipated (especially by me) Tim Burton exhibition opens, I am indulging my adoration of him and of anything with a slightly Gothic edge. I have been digging through my old folios and drawings and I can see that his influence on me is very obvious through my work.

Catwoman, pen & ink, photoshop. from greeting card series 2004
Business Card Design for Gina McCauley, Texta, Photoshop 2005

Fashion Design Project for Domus Academy, Milan. 'The Global Garment" this was a fashion project where designers from around the world came up with a collection that reflected their country's heritage in some way. I considered our convict past when completeing the project. This is one page of the work.
Pencil and Pen Illustration, 2000

 back in the with my friend Anthony of the Goth/Glam rock band The Redresser (often mistaken as the hairdresser)

But even before I discovered Tim B, I loved the color purple, and I mean loved. I was very lucky that my parents were happy with me to express my creativity (within the confines of my bedroom) and allowed me to paint my walls and furniture purple...and not a light lavender or a poor excuse for purple, but a deep real purple. (I also adored Prince...another lover of purple, but that's another story)
 Sorry! Couldn't resist adding this!

Now, I still like purple but my obsession has ended and I am enjoying other colors too, but for old time's sake I have selected a few of my favorite purple pieces from the store as well as some of my illustrations to share with you. Oh yes, and being 'Champagne Friday' I also threw in a purple cocktail. This one- 'Purple Haze" (this is a nice easy one- less time mixing more time drinking I say!)

Purple Haze
old fashioned glass

45ml Vodka
15ml black raspberry liqueur
splash of cranberry juice

Shake vodka and liqueur with ice. Strain into old fashioned glass over ice and top up with juice.

recipe taken from Cocktails & Rock Tales, by Jane Rocca

Selected accessories from Fanantique

Gorgeous framed print, art by Jennifer Gordon. In store at Fanantique.

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