Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ginger Joy (& Happy Champagne Friday Eve)

 The Mad Hatter and The Queen of Hearts- both 'interesting' red heads!

This week I am posting a Happy Champagne Friday cocktail early because tonight I am off to see Tim Burton's Masterclass in Melbourne and I am so excited!!!!!! I am sure I will be indulging in a cocktail or two at the 'Burton Club' that ACMI are running Thursday evenings during the duration of the Exhibition.(It is sad to say that tomorrow I might not be in a fit state to be putting together a quality blog post.)

Anyway, if it wasn't for my excitement about  tonight's events I would still be in a state of excitement over the news today that we in Australia have a new Prime Minister..and she's a woman! and she's a red head! As another red headed woman this is big news to me.  I will admit the there are some funny "ginger jokes" out there, but most of them are just down right rude,crude and annoying. ( blond jokes are much funnier)  Thanks to the Summer Heights High TV show , we red heads also have the lovely title of 'ranga' short for orangutang. This is one of my least favorite terms to be coined in recent times. (I much prefer Ginger.)

In honor of this momentous occasion I thought I would honor some glamorous and interesting red heads of days gone by. I'm still distracted by Tim Burton, so let's start with Tim Burton's favorite sometimes red head. Helen Bonham Carter. (She's more an 'interesting' type)
Tim B with partner Helena

Who doesn't love Lucy?! Lucille Ball
Clara Bow

 Ginger from Gilligan's Island

Rita Hayworth

Let's drink a toast to red heads everywhere, with a "Fred and Ginger" cocktail.

Fred and Ginger
highball glass

3 wedges lemon
1/3 fresh pear
1 cm fresh ginger
8-10 mint leaves
splash sugar syrup
30ml white rum
30ml Tuaca

Muddle lemon wedges, pear, ginger mint leaves and sugar syrup and build over crushed ice. cocktail recipe taken from 'Cocktails & Rock Tales' by Jane Rocca, Hardie Grant books

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