Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meet Gomez

Several months ago, while Gabor was scrolling through the Trading Post (as most men do) I happened to come across a small ad that was set to change my life. It simply said "Kittens- free to good home" this would not have been too hard to ignore usually, BUT this ad included a photo of the most gorgeous little black balls of fluff that I have ever seen! I had to have one.."PLEEEASSSSE can we get one???"
Gabor, wisely knew that he would never hear the end of it until he said yes. I rang straight away and told the lady on the other end of the phone that we were coming. There's only two left she said. I knew we had to hurry, these kittens were adorable!! Before we were even in the car, the phone had rang, it was the kitten lady.."Now, there's only one left . Are you still coming?"
"yes, yes, please hold him for us!!!!"
So, we jumped in the car and set of to the other side of town to pick up our little bundle of joy. As we drove across the Westgate I had visions of life with my wonderful new cat. He could come to the shop with me and hang out while I drink Champagne...........

 After that, he could sleep in the window and enjoy the warmth of the afternoon sun.......
 He could generally just hang about the shop being cute , be adored by the customers and keep me company..........Yes, my new kitten and I would indeed by a stylish pair..........
But I was in for a very rude awakening indeed. As soon as we got little Gomez (named after Gomez Addams of course) home , things began to change. The first thing to change were our curtains. It was cute at first when he would race up the fabric, but as he got a little bigger and a little heavier, he would tear them as he climbed..our place was turned from 'shabby chic' to just plain shabby overnight.

When Christmas came around, he thought he was in heaven, so many things to play with!

We have recently found out that Gomez is an "American Bombay" cat. This cat is described as the perfect cat for someone who would enjoy having a monkey for a pet! This explains a lot. He loves to run up our leg and sit on our shoulders!

So as gorgeous as he is, I don't think he will be my shop cat for a while, he will have to stay at home until he can be trusted not to shred the Vintage Dresses! In the meantime, I will try and get my hands on one of these divine "Cat carriers " like Dita Von Teese has, Gomez would love to be carried around in such style!

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