Thursday, May 6, 2010

Champagne Friday - "Drunk Chocolate"

Happy Champagne Friday!
This week I have decided on a Russian theme for 'Champagne Friday'. Last night I enjoyed one of my favorite treats , first introduced to me by my lovely Russian friend, Lana. It's simple really, we all love Champagne and we all love chocolate, why not combine them?! Such a simple idea, I can't believe I didn't think of it myself. One day as I sat with her drinking Champagne, she dropped a square of premium dark chocolate into our glasses,  she seem taken aback by my look of surprise and confusion .
"Vat ? You have never had chocolate in your Champagne?!" she questioned me. " haven't."
but I knew she could be onto a good thing (this is a lady I used to work with, she would call me out into the back room for sneaky sips of cognac....she also introduced me to Russian Vogue..amazing fashion, gorgeous women and beautiful furs, oh so wrong, but oh so gorgeous!) So I knew when it came to taste, she was an expert. She had actually invited me for Champagne and a viewing of her designer shoe collection, but I digress.

"Take a sip." She insisted (like I needed encouragement!)
mmmmmm as I brought the glass up to take a sip, the bubbles danced around my nose carrying with me the delicious aroma of chocolate. This sensation made Champagne drinking even more exhilarating than it already was. But this was not to be the best part, as Lana told me, "Ven you eat zee chocolate it is drunk!" mmmm alcohol infused marvellous.
And so to Lana, a toast , "To the woman who brought my two great loves together, I applaud you!"

A Russian Champagne advertisement, " IN VICTORY YOU DESERVE CHAMPAGNE, IN DEFEAT, YOU NEED IT" truer words were never spoken.
To celebrate Lana, I will be making a 'Russian Double Agent' cocktail. (taken from Cocktails & Rocktails once again)

large old fashioned glass

30ml espresso coffee
30ml tia maria
dash of sugar syrup
30 ml cream
30 ml vodka
3 coffee beans to garnish

Combine espresso, tia maria and sugar syrup in one shaker. Combine cream and vodka in another shaker. Shake both then strain coffee mix over ice into large old fashioned glass. Layer cream mix ontop and garnish with coffee beans.


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