Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What to wear?!!

 I recently received a rather lovely invitation to a 'Ladies Afternoon Tea Party' . The invitation advises that Vintage attire would be most appropriate for this event. This lovely image is taken from it and works perfectly to set the tone for the afternoon event.
As you can see, it is set to be a very elegant affair and one must dress accordingly! The party is to take place in only a few days time and I am yet to decide on what to wear!
I do have a few dresses , that I was lucky enough to acquire when I was buying pieces for the store. Most of these are yet to be this could be the perfect occasion !

These two are both great dresses from the fifties, classic and simple styles which can be easily accessorized . They would both look great with some wrist gloves and pearl necklace, the  slimline black dress would  great with some red accessories to vamp it up a bit. The other dress with the full circle skirt is a more casual and girly in it's feel and features a subtle grey spot in the fabric.

The dress below, while not really a vintage dress , could definitely be an option. It was a Christmas gift from my wonderful partner and I have not had the right event to wear it to yet!
(this dress from Allanah Hill)

This dress is so much fun, this is more of a Forties look, which is probably my favorite era.. although I do love the twenties and fifties too!. It has a bold purple floral design and looks great worn with some platforms.

Then again, I could always pull out something I have worn before.......

Now to decide on accessories, hair and make-up! The trouble we go to for a three hour event!!!

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