Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cocktail Friday!

Cocktails &  Rock Tales
by Jane Rocca
Hardie Grant Books

I have just received this fabulous book, just in time for the weekend. This collection of cocktail recipes has my mouth watering and I am having trouble deciding what to try first!
If you visit the store on a Friday, you know that I like to indulge in a Champagne or two as we wind down for the weekend and enjoy the 'Friday vibe' in the air.  I have decided that I will feature a cocktail recipe for inspiration, at the end of every week . To kick things off, I am starting with the very delicious sounding 'Ma Cherie'
(I did think about 'cooking' my way through the book, like Julie Powell but thought it my be hazardous to my health...)

'Ma Cherie'
Colada Glass

45ml gin
15ml cherry liqueur
splash of lime juice
splash of lemon juice
1 sugar cube
splash maraschino cherry juice
splash of soda water
2 lime wedges to garnish

Combine all ingredients except for cherry juice, soda & garnish. Strain into colada glass over ice cubes. Top with cherry juice and soda to taste and garnish with lime wedges. Enjoy!!!

More about the book....
Pop goddess? Then sip on a material girl. Rockabilly? You'll need a Cheesecake Rodriguez in between dances. After all, drinks are not just drinks, and tunes are not just tunes- both the music you listen to and the cocktails you indulge in are statements of intent. What you think determines what you drink. So, after hunting down original recipes from bartenders at leading Australian and New York bars, rock journalist Jane Rocca created the ultimate guide to finding the spirit for every soundtrack.

I couldn't resist adding one more cocktail, it sounds so delicious..but a little bit more preparation time involved...going to give  this a try on the weekend. yummmmm.

'Rocky Road'
Martini Glass

5ml frangelico
30ml marshmallow infused vodka*
10ml cherrry brandy
10ml dark creme de cacao
10ml black raspberry liqueur
15ml soy milk
vodka soaked marshmallow, grated chocolate and chopped hazelnuts to garnish

Rim glass with frangelico.
Combine all remaining ingredients except for garnish in a mixing glass and stir well. Pour into martini
glass and garnish with marshmallow, chocolate and hazelnuts.

* To infuse vodka with marshmallows combine a 250g pack of vanilla marshmallows with 700ml vodka in microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high for 1min. Stir thoroughly then microwave on high for another minute. Leave to stand for 5 minutes. Pour into a bottle ready for use.

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