Sunday, April 3, 2011

DIY Easter Decorating

With Easter only a few short weeks away, I have been thinking about how I will be decorating this year. We have in the store some gorgeous wooden rabbits and toadstools which are perfect for Easter but I thought it would be fun to get creative and try and create some more decorative pieces to compliment them.
Firstly, I love these ideas of using cardboard egg cartons for Easter decorations . It is so easy to create. Simply a painted  egg carton with shot glasses for little vases, and gorgeous flowers. Shown below, this idea is a little bit more time consuming, but still relatively easy. The egg carton has been chopped up and painted to create fun flower shapes and then fashioned into a wreath.

Below is another cute flower arrangement. The foam eggs are simply skewered onto a bamboo skewer, which has been wrapped with ribbon. These make a great festive addition to the flowers.
Shown below is the best idea yet (it is certainly the cheapest to construct!) An egg garland made out of paint chips!

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