Friday, January 21, 2011

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As you may have known, I recently became engaged and since then have just been loving looking at and discovering some amazing wedding blogs, magazines and other sources of inspiration. Admittedly, I had always looked at this sort of thing anyway, not because I am a tragic 'Muriel' type longing to get married, but because there are so many great ideas for decorating and design, not just suitable for a wedding but wonderful for any occasion or even for no occasion all.
Firstly, I must say that there are also many awful wedding mags and sites out there too .... I even came across a site that was selling replica dresses modeled off the one worn in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (seriously)

As my partner and I are opting for a small, simple wedding in a small village in Hungary (yes really),
I will not be able to use very many of my grand ideas , (which is fine I just enjoy the creative process).
Another 'problem' of the small wedding abroad is that not many family friends and relatives will be able to attend. Instead of the big wedding, we have decided to have an engagement party so that the family and friends that can not travel to the wedding can celebrate with us. To keep it casual we are planning a garden party (held in my parent's garden).
The event is coming up soon, and hopefully I will get some nice photos to post. In the meantime, here are some lovely images that inspired the theme of our event and a mention of some great sites, worth a look not just for Wedding stuff...but all sorts of inspiration for any kind of party and everyday life too.

These beautiful images below are from I love the combination of soft pastel colored flowers and vintage bottles. I like the idea of the look being simple with a random feel to it.
(I don't usually like anything to neat or ordered when it comes to flowers)

Pictured below: paper lanterns suspended in trees. I love this idea for an elegant alternative to balloons.
Lanterns are more 'grown up' than balloons and suspended from trees create a fun, whimsical mood. I found these polka dot paper lanterns at I ordered some of these in various colors and used them as a starting point for the theme that will tie the event together. I created invitations to match and there will also be other decorations to compliment along with some color coordinated food!

If you are planning an event, you can't go past Martha Stewart. The magazines are usually brilliant. (I highly recommend the 'Martha Stewart Living' Halloween and Christmas editions ) but most of what  appears in the mags end up on her website anyway, Her creative team are amazing
and there are some fantastic ideas on this site. Of course she has a "Martha Stewart Weddings" section too. These invitations shown below are from the site and caught my eye because they match my theme.

This amazing piece below is a gorgeous 'save the date' card that I found on a cute blog called 'Little Winter Bride' there are some gorgeous ideas here. The author has a penchant for vintage style and again many of the ideas shown here do not necessarily have to be employed for a wedding.

Not that I am ready to start thinking about the dress and all that yet, but how gorgeous is this 1950's style wedding shown below??!!!! The bride and all the bridesmaids are wearing original vintage dresses (modified a little to fit). These gorgeous pictures are from a lovely site , called Polka Dot bride. (
It is lovely because the weddings featured all have a unique twist, but still hold onto some tradition (ie they still look like weddings)

The image below is from a site that I admit I am now addicted to. "' has some incredible photos of real weddings on it (no white pouffy dresses here!). As the name suggests this is a site for alternative weddings, there are many that are really out there, but there are some that are classic with a unique twist. There are heaps of great ideas here, from decorating to graphic design and food, so many of these ideas would be great for all sorts of occasions.

Below is a rough illustration that I did while working on the invitation for our party. I featured the croquet mallet as we are planning on having yard games for our guests. We just need to keep our fingers crossed for some nice weather! Below that is the design that I ended up going with. I ended up going with a simple watercolor printed onto one side of a postcard with the event details on the reverse. Sent in a sunshine yellow envelope, it created a light happy feel.


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