Sunday, October 3, 2010

Come Fly with Me

Vintage Hot Air Balloons

With the Spring Racing season upon us here in Melbourne, I have been completely distracted by Spring fashion, especially all the gorgeous hats and fascinators that are exclusive to this time of year. So  I thought I'd take a little break from fashion to show you some of my other favourite things we have in the shop at the moment.
One theme in particular that I love is Vintage Hot Air Balloons, and I have been lucky enough to track down some gorgeous pieces. There is something whimsical about  hot air balloons and the thought of floating away in one. Imagine being high in the open sky without a sound as you sip a glass of Champagne. What better way is there to escape it all?
These gorgeous hot air balloon replicas come in a variety of colours and sizes and look so cute suspended from the ceiling.

This balloon basket is beautifully finished and a gorgeous way to store pillows and throws, I must admit that I couldn't resist the urge to climb in and imagine flying away

Handpainted balloon screen, a great space divider adding a touch of colour and whimsy to a room.

Ballooning over Paris. I adore this gorgeous print by Thomas Barbey. Entitled "Sewing the Seeds of Love" these enchanting characters float over Paris Sprinkling fairy dust on the city below.

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